Cryptocurrency Prediction 2020

How times have changed, there were only a handful of people who are interested and invested in the early phase of Cryptocurrency. Moving to the present time, and we have almost everyone who heard about it and interested to earn profits on a regular basis. To help you guide in the dynamic and volatile world of Cryptocurrency, as many companies release their own Cryptocurrency prediction in 2020, we will also share our prediction for Cryptocurrency in 2020.

The Continuing Rise of Crypto Lending Market, Proof-of-Stake (POS) and Bitcoin

At the end of 2019, a growing number of crypto-exchanges and platforms added support for proof-of-stake (PoS) tokens, as well as for staking services that invest PoS crypto on the behalf of users. We predict such growth is set to continue in 2020, with analysts expecting more PoS projects to come online in the New Year.

Not only that, but analysts also expect the market for staking services to expand, in terms of the amount staked in PoS cryptocurrencies and also the number of staking services being made available. One thing that’s also likely to occur is more platforms are likely to begin offering a growing range of additional services, on top of the more basic service of staking like Tezos or Ethereum in their respective chains.

Bitcoin (BTC) was created early in 2009 and now it is still considered as one of the most popular Cryptocurrencies and grew up to 100 times as its current price. Bitcoin remains the leading indicator for the crypto market. According to its long term chart, BTC looks to be building a long term base. Experts like Mike Novogratz, the CEO of crypto investment giant Galaxy Digital, even anticipate BTC to end the New Year above $12,000.

The Governments will start embracing Cryptocurrencies

The cryptocurrency market is frequently changing from day by day. We are rapidly moving into the digital world, so the digital currency is also more important in that, whether you believe it or not, the crypto community continues making waves and gathering enthusiasts all over the world.

Defi Adoption slightly halted

However, we predict that the 2020 breakout growth in this area is unlikely because these solutions simply do not solve problems better than centralized options, and each of the smart contract platforms has issues that will complicate an adoption.

Integration with Real World Applications

Cryptocurrency is vastly easier to store and secure using blockchain technology. The cryptocurrency market might experiences market optimism in 2020, as not only Bitcoin, but all the major cryptocurrencies might experience an upward trend.

So Stay tuned, and keeps on following our blog to get the latest updates on the crypto market.

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Originally published at on January 30, 2020.

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