Honest Mining March 2020 Highlight

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How time flies! Another month has passed where our team always tries to bring reliable crypto staking experience and striving to build a positive community and ecosystem to help people enter the world of cryptocurrency. Here is the summary of our activity throughout the month on Honest Mining March 2020 Highlight:

Honest Mining x Indodax Strategic Partnership

We are pleased to announce the launching of a strategic partnership between Honest Mining and Indodax that put us as an official staking partner for Indodax. This partnership also will enable people who want to be involved in the world of crypto staking and start to grow their crypto. Read more about this partnership on this link.

Honest (HNST) listed on Indodax

As part of our partnership with Indodax, Honest (HNST) is now available on Indodax to buy/sell. This will help the adoption of HNST by bringing more and more pairs through many exchanges and help our users to get more ease and convenience on getting the HNST. Get a special discount by using HNST to pay a fee on our platform!

Ask Mary Anything on Vietnam Community

Every strong project is backed by a strong community. As part of our engagement activities to our community in Vietnam, we succeeded in helding AMA on our Vietnam Telegram group with a special guest, who is the one and only our Community Manager — Mary!

Honest Mining 1st Anniversary Giveaway!

To celebrate the first anniversary of Honest Mining, we are giving out a total $250 worth of HNST to our community and everyone. Thanks to all our community members and our shareholders for your never-ending support. Join our 1st Giveaway!

NOBI: The Future Home For Honest Mining

Introducing NOBI, the future home for Honest Mining. Nobi is going to be the newly evolved services from Honest Mining and will be the future Home for Honest Mining. While we are working to complete our evolution, we believe that with NOBI, we can further deliver our service to become an end to end crypto investment service. Read more about NOBI.

Partnership with Tokentuber

While working to help as many people to grow their crypto, we didn’t want to forget that we also have the responsibility to raise awareness and educate people about the crypto industry. That’s why we partnered with Tokentuber to share more content related to crypto and educate more people. Check our content on tokentuber.com

Last but not least, if you are interested to try our advanced algorithm trading bot on NOBI, you can join our exclusive pre-registration on usenobi.com!

That sums up main activities at Honest Mining March Highlight. We will keep you updated on the next highlight!

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Originally published at https://honestmining.com on April 2, 2020.

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