NOBI November Highlight 2020

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It was an active and busy yet fun month for the NOBI team. With so much going on in November. Most importantly was the launch of our newest feature in the NOBI app: NOBI SAVINGS. The second was our successful NOBI Talks LIVE: CEO TALKS. That and many more. Check out below in case you missed the fun!

DeFi The Future of Financial System
DeFi The Future of Financial System

As the first blog of the DeFi topic this month, we discussed everything about DeFi in our blogs and NOBI TALKS podcast. To give you an insight into the hottest topic in the cryptocurrency world. From the basics to the future itself.

After we discussed the basics about DeFI in the previous blog, another essential question pops up. How does DeFi actually work? Check out our blog to get the answer.

NOBI TALKS goes live via ZOOM for the first time and it was a blast! A fun yet insightful talk with Indonesia’s well-known and respected figures in the crypto world. Hosted by our very own, Mr. Lawrence Samantha (CEO NOBI). Missed our NOBI TALKS live session, watch the recap on our youtube channel.

As the newest member of the NOBI family features, We are thrilled by the positive responses we get from the users regarding NOBI Savings.

NOBI Savings are suitable for users that want to earn passive income from lending their crypto. NOBI Savings is also powered by 2 well-known protocols that have been audited, AAVE & Compound Finance, users can expect a lending rate reaching 15% and beyond. Check out all the benefits you can get from NOBI Savings in our blog!

Celebrating the month of Thanksgiving, users can get the chance of a whopping 50% cashback from this month’s promo by joining our program: NOBI Gifthanks by joining our newest feature: NOBI Savings or join any NOBY Strategy, as a token of appreciation dedicated to our loyal and active users.

More exciting things coming up in December. be sure not to miss it. See you on next month’s Highlight!

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