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2 min readJan 8, 2021


Enjoy A Hassle-Free In Trading Only With NOBI Strategy

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Sticking with our mission as an end-to-end crypto service to help all our users and crypto enthusiasts everywhere to grow crypto assets safely and with ease, Nobi is here to provide several options that can suit your crypto-growing needs, and one of them is NOBI Strategy where are proud to present.

NOBI Strategy consists of a number of automatic trading strategies and algorithm-driven financial planning services, with little to no human supervision. It provides several strategic choices that are compiled and made by Nobi’s partner strategy makers. Before being launched to the public, each strategy has gone through an internal selection and testing stage by the Nobi team to ensure that the strategy is feasible to follow and can help Nobi users maximize the growth of their crypto assets.

Its runed by Robo trading that has been tested and can run 24/7 automatically, making it easier for you to join and follow the strategy whenever and wherever you are. Below are the strategy choices available in our Nobi Strategy:

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* SF: Service Fee, PF: Performance Fee, EF: Exit Fee

* Fees are subject to change at any time without prior notice, please check the NOBI app periodically for the latest updates.

Before choosing a strategy that you want to follow, we recommend that you know and understand all the information’s regarding the strategies. For more info check our Backtest Result blog.

Apart from Nobi Strategy, we also have our newest feature in the app; Nobi Savings which also provides an attractive amount of profit. Nobi Savings is suitable for those of you who are conservative risk types or want to diversify your assets.

So, what are your preferred strategies?

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